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This week I will mostly be…


This week I will mostly be…

Sorry I’ve been so crap for the last couple of days.
Monday was manic and yesterday, ahem, I was at a photo shoot for Grazia. No, really! Sadly it wasn’t BeautyMecca related, it was to do with the joy that is my book. I think I might have mentioned that I have a book coming out soon – well, it’s now officially super soon, as in 25th June soon. See, it’s real!

They even have it on Amazon and everything.

Anyway, I was doing an article for Grazia to promote the book and hurrah, I got to play with an awesome make up artist, Martin Carter (see his website here) and not only did we share a love of Stila, he also taught me lots of fun tips. Hands down, best make up artist I’ve ever had and through BeautyMecca and now the book shenanigans, I’ve had a few.

But I digress, basically this is an apology for my being a bit shit at posting in the last few days but I promise to pull my socks up. I’ve got loads of gorgeous stuff to tell you about and super helpful tips to share so bear with me.

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