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Eve Lom Radiance Cream


Eve Lom Radiance Cream

I just can’t stop contradicting myself today. I think I’ve caught it from boys… serves me right for touching them in the first place, right?

I was just about to start this post by saying, ‘now I’m not one to get excited about things’ but it’s not true, I’m ABSOLUTELY one to get excited about things. I’m forever jumping about like a complete twat over the smallest, most pointless things. However, I have every reason to be excited today because Eve Lom is launching a new product and a) she hardly ever does that and b) I live and die by that Rescue Mask so this is all good news.

I haven’t had a go on it (yet) so I’m just going to pass on the info that I’ve had and as soon as I’ve got a review, I’ll slap it up.

A must-have product for skin of all ages Eve Lom TLC Radiance cream takes it’s heritage from the cult Eve Lom TLC cream, the super hydrating properties and performance are the same but this product boasts a far lighter, lifting formula for daytime use on the areas of the skin that need it most. In particular, Eve recommends it’s use on the more delicate skin around the eye and along the jaw line, which over time loses natural elasticity and firmness.

This new TLC RADIANCE CREAM is naturally fragranced with Bulgarian Rose Otto and contains an exclusive blend of highly effective ingredients to provide skin with:


Hyaluronic acid provides instant moisture to the skin and longer lasting hydration.


Vitamin C, Vitamin A from Rosehip Seed Oil and Arctic Raspberry Seed Oil rich in Vitamin E, combine to boost the collagen production, to help reduce skin inflammation and to prevent environmental free radical damage. Silica Mica acts as an optical diffuser to soften lines and imperfections. The result – the complexion is energised, even toned and radiant.


A unique cocktail of skin firming and rejuvenating ingredients including Oat Kernel to help restore the firmness of the skin, preserve skin’s elasticity, protect against free radicals and smooth away the first signs of winkles and crow’s feet.

You can get your Radiance on at or at Eve Lom stockists.

I have a big weekend coming up so I’ll be needing all the help I can get…


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