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Elemis Anti-Aging Amnesty


Elemis Anti-Aging Amnesty

Okay, I need you to stop what you’re doing and listen up.

Whatever plans you think you have after work today or tomorrow have just been changed – you need to get your pretty little backside to a John Lewis Elemis counter, hand in your crappy old moisturiser and get 15mls of Elemis’ amazing Pro-Collagen Marine Cream ABSOLUTELY FREE! That’s worth £22.50!

I feel a little bit like your friendly neighbourhood crack dealer, you know, a bit ‘Go on, I’ll give you the first hit for nothing’ because you will be addicted once you’ve tried this. It is AMAZING. I’m two pots in (and I hardly ever repeat purchase) and am freaking out that I can see the bottom of the pot I’m in now. I’ve tried everything there is to try and I just can’t beat this. I know I was previously hooked on Creme de la Mer but once I started breaking out with my hilarious adult acne in December, it just started messing my skin right up. Even the lotion was too heavy and the cream was just super icky. But the wonder/witchcraft that is Pro-Collagen Marine Cream has sorted me right out.

So I’ll see you at the front of the queue with my half used Creme de la Mer in hand, seriously, I would trade in my mother for free Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, so Creme de la Mer will not be hard to part with.

Stores participating in the event are:

Bluewater, Kent

Basnett Street, Liverpool

Victoria Centre, Nottingham

Wilmslow, Cheadle, Cheshire

10 Downing Street, Cambridge

Peter Jones, Sloane Square, London

Oxford Street, London

WestQuay Shopping Centre, Southampton


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