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I Heart New York!


I Heart New York!

So my New Year’s resolutions in 2007 were to pass my driving test, lose a load of weight and write every day. Obviously, the weight loss nonsense went out the window by the third of January but I was determined to have a proper crack at the other two.

I passed my driving test in July and have driven about eight times since then – it’s not a talent of mine. The writing thing went a bit better. I started writing a journal, a book and a new blog all at once to make sure I had enough to keep me occupied. Tragically, my life was terminally dull and so the journal sat in my bedside drawer looking pretty but empty and a tad tragic. Happily, the blog was a much bigger success (ahem) probably because my life was terminally dull and I was trying to fill it with pretty things.

As of today though, the biggest success, it turns out, was only the bloody book. What started out as something to pass the time is now an actual real life book! No, really, as of today, it’s in shops and everything. Someone saw it. In a Tesco.
You can check it out here if you feel so inclined. I would if I were you, the site is really pretty…

Sorry this isn’t terribly beauty oriented – if it helps, I’m wearing Stila foundation in 10 watts, Benetint, Touche Eclat and lots of Volum’ Express mascara today.

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