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Natalie Eyelash Extensions


Natalie Eyelash Extensions

I know there’s very little point in pretending that I’m not a little bit concerned about my appearance given the theme and two and a half year’s content of this blog so I’m just going to launch straight into this one.


I got mine done by the wonderful Natalie ( for £60 which is a complete bargain compared to most genuine practitioners in London. Not only is she lovely but the actual application itself is insanely relaxing. You pretty much lie down for an hour with moisturising pads under your eyes while someone strokes your forehead. I didn’t feel the eyelash application at all. Honestly, if Natalie had thrown in a scalp massage, I might never have left.

A (far too pretty) blonde was in before me and she had size ten lashes applies, super natural given her colouring and original lashes. Me, being a big drama (/drag) queen, went for size twelve. They’re blatantly too long to be natural but they look so good, it’s amazing. I’ve already had three people ask me what’s going on and that’s people I work with. General consensus from The Boys is that they would just assume they were natural. Mainly because they don’t know about such things as eyelash extensions.

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing they are and I PROMISE you a picture next week.
I recommend them in every single way.
I look like freaking BAMBI.http://0

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