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MyFace Cosmetics


MyFace Cosmetics

As you might have noticed, I’m quite keen on the old slap but one of my favourite brands is a bit of a ‘best kept secret’ type thing at the moment. I blogged about MyFace when it launched and the wonder of Charlotte Tilbury, the make up artist/genius/bully that made me dye my hair dark (thanks again by the way) but honestly, I haven’t given it enough love.

So, to celebrate the launch of their website – – this week is dedicated to MyFace and all their wonderous prods.

And to prove that I mean it, here are some pictures from the cab on the way to my leaving party on Saturday night. My extraordinarily beautiful buds and I all had our make up done (I’ll give you the make up artists deets later in the week, she’s amazing too) with MyFace products and I hope you’ll agree, it all looks pretty special. And despite putting in two hours of karaoke and dancing in a sweat box from ten till four, it was all still on when we got home.

Because MyFace is split up into Fair, Medium and Dark, it’s SO easy to try out fun new looks without worrying that you’ll cock up and end up with the wrong shade for you. I’m on the end in the stripes and am clearly a fair, as is Jane in the middle. Georgia on the other end and Keren, below, were both in the medium product range. It’s a shame I didn’t manage to drag along a friend that could have used the dark products really. I feel like I’ve let you all down. Actually I don’t, I’m too busy obsessing over Jane’s amazing blue, glittery eyes. The Blingtones are the best eyeshadows ever. Go. Buy. Don’t even wait for the rest of the week’s features.

But do come back, because over the rest of the week, I’ll be showing you some of the looks you can achieve with MyFace and giving you Charlotte Tilbury’s hints and tips on how to get the best out of your make up.

Giggle. We look so purdy.http://0

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