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MyFace – Fair


MyFace – Fair

So, here it is, straight from the horse’s* mouth.

Charlotte Tilbury gives us the lowdown on how to reproduce her amazing ‘Bright’ look for fair skin tones. If you take a look at the pics of me and my ladies on the previous post, you’ll notice that between us, Jane and I managed to rock this look in two parts. I took the red lips, she did the blue eyes. Both were AMAZING.

All the products are available at Boots or

*If you swap horse out for insanely beautiful and talented make up artist…


To achieve that incredible bold blue metallic eye you must use the myface Bellbottom Blues Eyetouch Blingtone trio, as is simply the only product out there that gives that incredible wet look, metallic foil stamped effect on the eyelid. The reason for this is that it is made of 75% crushed pearl and an incredible binding oil which means it will not drop or crease giving you the cleanest most amazing finish.

Simply apply the matt blue eye shadow in the socket, blend down onto the eyelid and out at the outer corner following the shape of the eye.

Make sure not to leave any sharp edges, the colour needs to be smooth and blotch-free.

Apply eye pencil along top and bottom lashes and in the lower rim. Make sure you use one with a lot of pigment for maximum effect, try myface Eye Liner in Black. Smudge slightly with a small blending brush or a cotton bud to create that sexy lived-in look. The makeup is meant to be a little bit messy so don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect.

At the outer corner take the line out and up slightly to elongate the eye and really emphasize the feline shape.

then using your finger apply the Blingtone element of the Bellbottom blues trio which gives you that metallic finish and the most amazing bedazzling eyes.

Apply a few coats of myface Upload Mascara, the most amazing mascara thanks to the formula, which curls and elongates lashes and basically is the closest thing to false lashes. Drag the lashes outwards rather than up, again to exaggerate the shape of the eye.

To compliment the strong eye makeup you should choose a nude lipliner, lipstick and lipgloss from your myface cosmetics range.


It is absolutely crucial to get the right shade of red lipstick for your skin tone other wise you will find that the wrong shade will jar against your colouring and can make skin look washed out or sallow . A blue based pink lip colour will make teeth appear less yellow as it counteracts the yellow tone. Also avoid yellow based pinks as it will make your teeth look more yellow.

For fair-skinned women, always opt for blue tones within the red shades as this will suit the fair coloured neutral canvas. This will bring out the peachy skintones and stop skin looking washed out.

If you fall into the medium skintone category the red lipstick shades are warm, orange tone reds which perfectly compliment the honey tones in that particular skintone.

In the medium / dark category the reds are dense and strong with brown tones as this enhances the exotic burnished shades of this complexion.

Application for the perfect red lip

Make sure the lips are exfoliated first before I apply colour to ensure lips are soft and smooth.

let me tell you that nobody has perfectly symmetrical lips, not even Hollywood actresses, so always use a lipliner to achieve that beestung lip look. Choose the red lip liner from your myface range. Apply on the outer edge of your natural lip line for a perfect pout. To make colour last longer, fill in the rest of the mouth with lip liner before applying your lipstick.

If you feel insecure about your lipstick application technique, a lip brush can be your answer.

Choose the red colour Gigabite lipstick from your myface range and apply a couple of layers, patting off the colour onto tissue in between the applications.

For a glossy red lip, apply the red lip pop lip gloss from your myface range on top of the lipstick.


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