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My Face – Medium


My Face – Medium

Today we’re showcasing the uber pretty, soft medium look.

Try using fingers when applying foundation (MyFace mymix foundation £12.71) as this will ensure you get quick coverage whilst gently warming up the product from your natural body heat, making the foundation more like your own skin and sitting beautifully without clogging. Then simply dot concealer a couple of times under the eye and on any blemishes then gently pat into your skin. Then finish with a quick dust of powder for an airbrushed flawless finish.

cheeks This look is all about highlighting your best features and shading areas of the face to make them look more defined.

Use a neutral tone bronzer (MyFace E & B blusher in sultan of swing £9.78) and apply right under the cheekbones, along the temples and sides of the nose. Then use a highlighter palette like Myface Solar Sisters to highlight the top of the cheekbones, inner corner of eyes, down the center of the nose and the bow of the lip. This is a great way to make women look gorgeous without piling on the make-up!

Highlighter can give skin a gorgeous, luminous quality but if you are going to do highlights you need to make them the focal point and keep everything else fresh.

This means use the MyFace concealer just where needed, a natural-looking blush (sweet escape / copa chocca latta / sul’tan of swing) and nothing too heavy on eyes and lips.

eyes My signature look is a smoky eye so to get this look always start by curling your eyelashes as near the root as possible, as this will instantly open up the eye.

You can then create a natural smoky eye makeup using chocolate brown shades, try MyFace eyeshadow trio Morococo, or a stronger look by going for greys and black, like the MyFace trio Midnight Hour.

Apply the darkest shade in the palette in the socket and blend well, down onto the eyelid and out at the outer corner following the shape of the bone structure.

Apply eye pencil along top and bottom lashes and in the lower rim. Make sure you use one with a lot of pigment for maximum effect, try MyFace hi def eye liner in Black or Brown.

Smudge slightly with a small blending brush or even a cotton bud to create that sexy lived-in look. At the outer corner take the line out and up slightly to elongate the eye and really emphasize the feline shape.

Using your finger apply the Blingtone shade from the Eyetouch eyeshadow trio, either Morococo, Band of Gold or Solar Sisters, across the eyelid. This will instantly give you incredibly bedazzling eyes and is the perfect finishing touch for a smoky eye makeup.

For extra intensity using a cotton bud to apply the white highlighting shade in the morococo trio in the corners of the eyes outside where the tear ducts are and blend outwards as this will give an amazing dramatic look

Always apply a few coats of MyFace Upload Mascara which has the most amazing formula that curls and elongates lashes.

lips dab a tint amount of concealer onto your lips and pat it in, to create a light base on the lips for a nude look.

Swipe a little powder over the top to create a matt canvas then use lipliner to help you cheat your lips into making them appear full and even simply outline the lips with a nude lip liner for the perfect pout. (Always use lip liner that syncs perfectly with your lipstick).

Try applying the lipstick as a soft stain rather than sporting a full on lipstick effect. Simply pat on the lipstick using your finger for the best result. Dab a tissue to your lips after the first lipstick application and then reapply a second time to make the colour last and last. Then a quick swipe of a nude lip pop lip gloss is all you need for that extra little bit of a glamour (medium – strike a pose)


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