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I’m so rubbish


I’m so rubbish

God, I’ve been incredibly slack, haven’t I?
Well, I did move to another country but that’s really no excuse I know. A better excuse (and my current favourite) is that I only have a twin airbed and a too-low-for-the-desk chair in my room so typing is uncomfortable at best. Damn it.

Anyway, that doesn’t really stop me from beauty blogging, does it? So far, my favourite NY find is Jergens Naturals, really amazing body moisturisers that are saving my life out here. It’s so freaking hot, I promise never to complain about British summer time ever again. They are apparently out in the UK so I recommend them muchly. Super inexpensive but really effective and yummy, yay Jergens.
Go on, buy one and I’ll use mine here, you’ll use it there and it will be just like I never left.

Yes, I’m starting to go slightly mad…http://0

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