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The Perils of Moving


The Perils of Moving

I need to colour my hair.
I am almost ready for a fringe trim.
These two factors have sent my US adventure into a tailspin (and not the good Disney cartoon kind, there is no Baloo bear here). What do I do? I’ve been going to Jonny at Lee Stafford FOREVER and I love my hair. I’m freaking out on an epic level.

Also, it is really hard to but spray deodorant in the US. They only have those massive bulky cans that we had in the 80s. Why, oh why? It’s ninety bloody degrees out there, I need more than a Dove stick.

Other than that, I am ecstatically happy. Hot and cold running Sephora, Bliss bikini waxes and massages at reasonable prices… USA! USA! USA!

I promise to review things more fully very soon, like the Bare Escentuals Buxom range (love) and the new AMAZING Lola perfume from Marc Jacobs.
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