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Marc Jacobs Lola


Marc Jacobs Lola

Just like everyone else in the entire world, I went faintly mental for Marc Jacobs’ Daisy perfume when it was launched a couple of years ago but, unlike my passion for Mr Jacob’s bags (and clothes and accessories and everything else ever), I went off it after a little while and hung my head in shame, begging Coco Madameoiselle to take me back.

Well, Coco did take me back but things were never the same between us and there have been a few dalliances since then, mostly with the Harajuku Lovers fragrances (Music and G, I’m talking to you) but my nose has been known to stray from time to time, I’ve still got my handy dandy Madamoiselle twist&spray in my handbag.

But in celebration of my move to New York, I thought it was only polite to try out the new Marc Jacobs fragrance, Lola. It’s still exclusive to Bloomingdales out here, in the UK you can bag it at Harvey Nicks until the end of August when it’s launched everywhere.

It’s weird, I heart Marc Jacobs above all else (check my Bloomingdales receipts if you don’t believe me) but I’m still in two minds about this. My first issue is with the bottle. Beautiful but impractical. Foolishly, I bought the smaller bottle and thanks to the mad rubber flower cap, it keeps falling over which is pretty annoying, so if you’re going to purchase, commit and get the bigger bottle.

My second is I’m still undecided on the actual fragrance. Admittedly, most perfumes smell like cat wee on me and this is still pretty so it’s got a good start. And maybe I’m just not used to it yet. Lola is warmer and than scents I’m usually drawn to and there are touches of vanilla and musk which I would usually steer away from but somehow, it still works. I want to say it’s a bit sexier than my usual scents too but that sounds lame. Perfume is sexy by default. It has no other purpose in life than to make you feel like a minx. Which is why I love it.
Also, buying and trying in 95 degree New York heat is less than ideal, the scent lasts about two minutes on me at the moment but I’m sure it’ll be an autumn winner.

Anyway, Mr Jacobs has my unwavering support for now and always so I’m going to persevere with this bad boy for a couple more weeks and see how I feel. No matter what I decide, I expect Lola to be the dominant perfume at all your office Christmas parties…http://0

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