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Jemma Kidd Lasting Tint Waterproof Lash Colour


Jemma Kidd Lasting Tint Waterproof Lash Colour

It’s not until you’re rolling around in ninety-five plus degrees, day-in and day-out that you start to really value a waterproof mascara. Obviously mascara wasn’t an issue for me while I was rocking my eyelash extensions but they are now long gone (a combo of my not treating them tremendously well and the insane humidity here – don’t blame the lashes, I’ll be back on them by autumn) and so I’m after something inky black and long lasting.

And by jove, I think I’ve found it.

I wasn’t ever a massive fan of the Jemma Kidd range when it was in Boots, don’t know why, it just didn’t appeal to me, but having sampled a couple of items from the new Space NK/Harvey Nicks range, I’m a convert. The Lasting Tint waterproof lash colour bills itself as semi-permanent and so it should. Once it’s on, and it goes on smoothly, evenly and clump free, it stays. Seriously, stays. I love the gloopy formulation, it really does look like ink and if you’re patient and run it very slowly through your lashes from root to tip a couple of times you will get gorgeous, defined lashes that will not budge.

Loves it.
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