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Urban Decay Lip Envy


Urban Decay Lip Envy

I’ve gone slightly insane for Urban Decay since I got to New York, I blame the proximity of all the Sephoras, it’s bloody everywhere. Anyway, it’s also because it’s ace and I’d sort of forgotten.

The eyeshadow palette I picked up when I first got here has been brilliant, the colours are super blendable and the eyeshadows are so intensely pigmented, they last for ages and go on completely true. And when I’m not rocking sparkly Bambi eyes, I’m pouting like a bee-hatch in Lip Envy.

Now, I don’t know how many times I’ve said here that I’m not a really lip colour wearer and I’m too lazy to go back and count it up but if there was anything that was going to convert me, I think it might be Lip Envy. It’s a light, easy to apply stain, a little like Benetint but comes in two shades Envious (pink) and Greedy(berry) and for whatever reason, it’s just better on the lips than my beloved Benetint (don’t worry, Benetint still finds a home as my cheek stain as choice). A couple of layers and this bad boy isn’t going anywhere. I like to wear Greedy and then top up with Smashbox O-Plump gloss which gives you a killer pout and only needs retouching maybe once between a day at work and a night on the tiles.

I’m not overly enamoured with the packaging but that really is a small concern when a product is so awesome. I may forgive them for discontinuing Lip Gunk after all. Then again, that was a pretty big blow… maybe not.


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