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Breast Cancer Care and Elemis


Breast Cancer Care and Elemis

Today’s feel good treat comes from one of my all time favourite brands and even better, includes two of my ‘can’t be without’ products and a really rather gorgeous pink make-up bag (and I’m in DIRE need of a make-up bag. My Hello Kitty one is looking seventeen shades of crapola right now).

So do yourself and everyone fighting breast cancer a favour and pick up the Elemis Essential Beauty Secrets bag from Elemis counters or right now. The bag is priced at fifty English pounds which, between you and me, is an AMAZING bargain as you’re saving over seventy-five knicker on what’s included. Which is… 30ml Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, 30ml Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream, 15ml Papaya Enzyme Peel and 15ml of Pro-Collagen Lifting Treatment Neck and Bust, in a special hot pink ‘boob tube’ just for this kit. There’s also a handy-dandy five step breast check leaflet so you can make sure everything is ship shape and above board while you’re applying your lifting treatment.

I live and die by the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream so this is a definite winner for me and just once more, how gorgeous is that make-up bag? Answer: Very.http://0

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