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Urban Decay 24/ Pencils


Urban Decay 24/ Pencils

I know I’ve mentioned my growing obsession with Urban Decay since I’ve been over on the Yankee Doodle Dandy side of the pond and honestly, it shows no sign in disappearing. I’ve had some visitors over from London this weekend and given all the mirth and merriment we have been indulging in (cough, shopping/ drinking/eating/dancing) there has been officially NO TIME for make up retouching, meaning that what goes on in the morning needs to still be there at night.

And do you know what is always there on my cotton wool pad at the end of the night? My Urban Decay 24/7 Stash pencil. Stash is an AMAZING colour, especially on blue eyes but I’m fairly certain on anyone. It’s a greenish-goldish-brown that makes my eyes sparkle and shine, even when they have barely been closed for six days solid. I like to wear it alone, blended to a soft finish for day time and then mixed with a gold-brown shadow for extra impact at night. The texture of the pencil is smooth and soft but the staying power is unsurpassed. I love these pencils.

Happily, the Christmas gods at Urban Decay are giving you an amazing opportunity to get your mitts on a whole bunch of pencils, including Stash, in their 24/7 Super Stash kit. Isn’t it pretty? Like the grown up’s version of that Crayloa colouring carry case you used to get EVERY CHRISTMAS as a kid… want.

It’s available in Boots in the UK and Sephora here in the US and has nine mini versions of my favourite pencils for a super reasonable price. I can’t recommend it enough but you should be warned, you WILL become addicted, the nine pencils will NOT be enough and within days of trying them out, you WILL be ordering the rest of the range to complete the set.
And I will be right behind you, egging you on.http://0

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