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Estee Lauder Ultimate Red Collection


Estee Lauder Ultimate Red Collection

I love Christmas. Yes I do.

What? It’s not even Halloween? You must be mistaken, why else was I dressed as a cat this weekend gone? OK, let’s not get into that or I’ll have to post pictures (which I should I looked awesome) and explain the whole ‘Halloween party a week early’ thing and then I’ll be explaining why I’m dressing as a Fraggle on Saturday while the rest of New York sluts it up as Playboy bunnies and sexy red riding hoods…

ANYWAY, I digress. Today, I’m sharing with you the wonder of the new Estee Lauder Ultimate Red Holiday Collection. Isn’t it CHRISTMASSY? I love Lauder prods, really, there are so many in my regular make up bag – I’m especially in love with the Double Wear Mascara right now, seriously delicious thick, black sooty lashes that never flake or smudge. I know Estee and the gang sometimes get a bad rap for being, well, a little bit old ladyish but seriously, the formulations are always awesome and these colours are so sexy. The red is incredibly red and the eyeshadow shades are totally wearable. Perfect for Christmas parties. I’m only showing the red look here which is my favourite but there’s also a gold alternative for those not so partial to a red lip. Plus you could totes use the lipstick as a weapon, the gold casing is so incredibly, pleasingly weighty.
But come on ladies, it’s CHRISTMAS. Party with a pretty pout, that’s what I say.
I also say I have mild flu and feel slightly mad, so apologies for that.


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