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Bobbi Brown Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadows


Bobbi Brown Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadows

Yay! It’s BeautyMecca’s 500th post!
Can you even believe it? All that procrastination… Wow.

Anyway, as a celebration, I wanted to review the Bobbi Brown long-wear metallic cream shadows I picked in in Bloomingdales last month. Now they’ve hit the UK’s fair shores, it seems fair to review them. I thought it might be rude while I had them and you didn’t, especially since they’re a bit awesome.

The formula of the shadow is the same as the regular cream shadows from Bobbi, sheer, lightweight and non-creasing, but these bad boys have been imbued with gorgeous, glistening sparkly bits. My main reason to vouch for these is that they DO NOT BUDGE. I tend to apply them with a flat eyeshadow brush and then, because as much as I love them, the colour is a little too subtle for my night-time eyes, add a coordinating powder on top, most recently Nars Nightclubbing which a) looked amazing and b) had to be removed by a very patient, very drunk me at four am the next morning when it hadn’t moved even a teeny tiny bit.

Obviously, this was a ridiculously dramatic look and the colours look great enough on their own (even better with a slick of long-wear gel eyeliner on the lash line). And oh, they come in really weighty little glass pots that I’m fairly certain would brain someone if you put them in a sock and whacked them in the temple. A sign of quality, ma cheres.
I currently have Black Pearl and Antique Gold, which at $22.00 was quite enough to be spending at one time. The only problem now is that I desperately want the other colours but my wandering eye has already seen the Chrome Collection on the US website.
What is a girl to do?


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