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The taste of Her Cherry Nivea Lip Balm


The taste of Her Cherry Nivea Lip Balm

OK, granted that my title isn’t as catchy as Katy Perry’s lyrics but I have a new obsession.

Winter is closing in fast on Noo Yoik, it is might chilly of a morning and in the evening and the first thing to suffer, as always, are my lips. Sadly, this is not due to the massive amounts of kissing I’ve been doing (if only) but more to do with my changing handbags all the time and leaving my beloved Creme de la Mer balm in the wrong one. Now seriously, I LOVE the La Mer balm and would not be without it in my life but sadly, at a bazillion pounds a pot (or two bazillion dollars), I can’t afford to keep one in each bag, on my desk, in the bathroom, by my bed, etc. but what I can afford, is Nivea’s Cherry balm.

Here in the US, it’s called ‘A Kiss of Flavour’ (ooh-err) but in the UK, it’s Starfruits Cherry. I don’t know what makes it starry but I do know what makes it awesome. It smells nice, it delivers a perfect punch of wintery colour and it actually moisturises my lips. I know that sounds silly because that is its job but really, there are so many lip balms that are just heavy, greasy concoctions that sit on top of your lips while the skin underneath dries and cracks.

Plus, bonus given that I have recently spent all of my money on flights back to the UK in December, it’s dirt cheap. And since it’s lip balm, you don’t have to feel weird* about having it on your desk for unexpected top-ups if that hot boy** happens to wander by your desk.

* Just me?

** I work in children’s publishing. There are no boys, hot or otherwise.


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