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Headmasters Christmas Blowouts


Headmasters Christmas Blowouts

Obviously my recent flying trip to London required me to be looking really rather passable at all times – you can’t vanish from people’s lives for five months and then turn up looking like shat, can you? But combining six hours of turbulence and a hectic social calendar does not a rare beauty make.

What does a rare beauty make however are the awesome Christmas blowouts at Headmasters. Friday morning, I popped into the Mayfair branch to meet with the lovely Jonathan (note to all ladies: by lovely, I mean HOT) and within an hour, I was back out on Regent’s Street trotting around in my over the knee boots with a sexily dishevelled do that even Cheryl would think was worth it. I knew that we would find hair harmony when he said he was going to for something a bit Leigh Lezark. Now really, there’s a hair soulmate* for you.

Behold… and yes, I know I look slightly deranged but it’s early and I’m tired but I look pretty and that is cause for the crazy eyes. And didn’t I tell you Jonathan was hot?

Check out for more details and your nearest salon. Really, is there any better treat to yourself than a blowout at Christmas? I don’t care how handy you are with a pair of GHDs, nothing looks better than getting a professional to tame your locks and for twenty-two quid, you can be the belle of the ball. Or the skanky office Christmas party. Or, you know, whenever. It’s Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiistmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!

*I am aware that I’ve been a huge hair whore lately but really, I’m just trying to fill the void in my heart that was left when I had to ditch my beloved Jonny in Londinium. Sob.


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