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Eurgh, sorry I’ve been away but I’ve been poorly bad. Actually, having read the last couple of month’s entries, I’ve been nothing but bloody poorly bad all year. Crapola. Here’s to 2010 being relatively healthy…

Anyway, off my sleeping sickness and on to my new obsession. As you may have heard, shiny, white, Hollywood teeth are quite the thing out here in the US of A. Now, I don’t have terrifying gnarled gnashers or anything but I don’t have the sparkling pearly white smile of my US counterparts either. Not. Ideal. So I’ve been through the lot, White Strips, Brightening Toothpaste, Gel Pens, all that shizz, but it would appear I’ve found an option that a) works and b) (more importantly) looks awesome and comes in really funky packaging…

GO SMiLE works under the philosophy that brightening your smile should be as easy as refreshing your lip gloss and I have to say, it really is. No need for icky trays or plastic strips, you just snap open a teeny, portable ampoule of gel (massively satisfying and comes in loads of flavours) and then squeeze until it appears on the foam applicator and rub on your teeth. Ta-da! Stains come off, shiny teeth are revealed. And it’s party time right? Lots of red wone, coffee and general badness to come. Think of the teeth! Won’t somebody think of their teeth?!
Along with the little ampoules, I’ve been using the AM (Lemongrass) and PM (Lavender and Vanilla) toothpastes, both really lovely and a nice change from the abrasive arctic blast/baking soda aftertaste of some whitening toothpastes.

And most important of all, you can get online here them at Sephora.
And if you can get it there, it must be amazing, right?


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