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Last Minute Gift Needed! Ahh, Thank You, Jo Malone


Last Minute Gift Needed! Ahh, Thank You, Jo Malone

Honestly, where else would I go for a last minute gift?
Everyone loves Jo Malone (especially my friend who shall remain nameless but was given a TON of their stuff by a corporate client as a thank you but got so wasted at her Christmas do she PUKED ALL OVER THE PACKAGING) because the products are beautiful and effective. The swanktastic equivalent of Ronseal. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

Every year I wish I was adult enough to actually have the products myself and not just buy them for others (even though the actions of the nameless buddy suggests you don’t have to be a total grown up) but when I went strolling at lunchtime, looking for a last minute gift, my first go to place was Jo Malone. The hardest thing of course, is just getting something for my unexpected gift buddy and not buying everything else for myself. My name is BeautyLover and I’m a candle addict. Plus, good lord, the Pine & Eucalyptus room spray? That is Christmas to me. Well, Christmas shopping anyway.

I finally settled on the Pomegranate Noir candle because its gorgeous but really, (cough, cough, hint, hint people) who wouldn’t love to find a Jo Malone box under the tree this Christmas?


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