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Post-Christmas Blues


Post-Christmas Blues

So, due to complete and utter exhaustion, I failed EPICALLY to grab any goodness at Duty Free on my way back to NYC. Can you believe it? I was supposed to stock up on Touche Eclat, Beauty Flash Balm and YSL Parisienne but instead I just about managed to get two bags of Galaxy Minstrels, snap a shot of I Heart Hollywood in WH Smiths (not officially out yet but there you go) and pass out in a really uncomfortable chair with Grazia until I was herded onto a plane. Fun times.

Anyway, I’m sure I had a point… what was it again? Um, oh yes. Well, because of my general failings as a human being, I had to use what I could grab on the way home/rustle up from Mummy BeautyLover’s bathroom and do you know what? I had totally forgotten how much I love Aussie Three Minute Miracle. It was bloody brilliant and I’m absolutely going to be stocking up back here in the US of A. Also, I used a Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash travel sized sample I picked up at Sephora not long ago and it was really good. Nice and granular so you could really feel it working at unclogging your pores (total necessity when you’ve been flying) but not so harsh that it took ten layers of skin off.

Other than that, I just hit my midday wall and am about to fall asleep. Damn jetlag.
Anyway, those are my thoughts for the day. Presumably I’ll have more tomorrow, you know what I’m like…http://0

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