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Benefit BADgal Waterproof Liner


Benefit BADgal Waterproof Liner

Now, my love for Urban Decay’s 24/7 pencils has been wellllllll documented here and continues to burn brightly throughout the darkest of days but since I’ve gone all sorts of eye make-up crazy recently, I have to tell you about another love (yes, I’m being a bit of a whore but I don’t care).

Benefit’s BADgal pencil was one of my very first cult buys and I loved it. All through college and my early twenties, I smudged the shit out of that chunky blackest black pencil all around my eyes and dutifully spent hours removing it when I got home but after a while, I started to venture further afield and my BADgal pencil got forgotten.

Until, browsing the Christmas gifts at Bloomies, the very kind and helpful assistant suggested I try the new waterproof version. This pencil is entirely different from the original – yes it’s black as black can be and it’s still sexy as hell with hot pink and black colouring, but unlike the chunky, rockstar finish of the original, the waterproof version is long and slender and totally sophis. It has a great smudger on the end to help you get the roughed up look of the original but what I actually ADORE it for, is the thin, precise line that Does Not Move Once It Has Been Applied.
Seriously. At the moment I’m rocking my beloved Stash 24/7 pencil with BADgal waterproof layered over the top on the upper and lower lashlines and no matter how much the New York cold makes my eyes water, nothing budges. Team this amazing liner with two shades of MAC shadow blended together (Satin Taupe and Retrospeck), and I’ve got pretty, golden brown eye make-up with perfect black definition on the rims that make my blue eyes pop their ass off.

Good work Benefit. Good. Work.http://0

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