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How is it still days from payday?
My credit card hurts, my shopping itch needs scratching and quite frankly, I’ve had enough of January to last me a lifetime.

Happily, I can still grab a treat because I’ve just discovered (I love beauty prods but I know my finger isn’t exactly on the pulse, OK?). So, you join up, then pick a skincare, fragrance, make-up, hair and body product samples and and the website sends them to you! As Alexander the meerkat said ad nauseum before I left the UK, simples! is that advert still on? I sort of miss him… all you pay is a single English pound, a golden nugget if you will, for P&P costs. Ahh, how much easier is that than having to go round Selfridges looking confused as to what to buy and yet affluent enough to afford the products once you’ve used up the free samples?


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