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Blistex Cherry Lip Balm: The Great Kiss Off 2010


Blistex Cherry Lip Balm: The Great Kiss Off 2010

We have our first entry for The Great Kiss Off 2010!
Today’s review comes from the very beautiful Ms Annalisa Woods, recently of Copenhagen (and leaving lots of broken hearted boys in London that will no longer benefit from her dedication to Kiss Off Research).

Here’s what she has to say:

So what are you reviewing for us today, Ms Woods?
Blistex Cherry Lip Balm

Tell us about its fabulousness…
It NEVER, ever, ever fails. (taking all effort not to burst into an All Saints rendition there!) It’s by far the best balm for soft lips, no matter how dry and cracked and gross my lips are, this works like a charm. It also gives lips that “come hither” shine rather than the “if you put your lips on mine my gloss will trap them there forever” gloopy, shine.

And how does it handle itself in the smooching stakes?
Every time I’ve had this on when I’ve kissed a guy they have commented on how soft and sweet and goregous my lips are. NO LIE.It’s a sure fire way to guarantee that the guy that just kissed you will want to kiss you for evermore. Fact. And you can’t argue with fact.

Well dang me, she’s right. You cannot argue with fact.
I think I’ll be stocking up on this when I mosey on over to London this weekend.

If you have a surefire smoocher, email me at with the name of the product, some general info about why you love it and how it copes with the kissing.
It’s all for the greater good, ladies!http://0

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