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MAC High Tea: The Great Kiss Off 2010


MAC High Tea: The Great Kiss Off 2010

Today’s self-sacrificing volunteer is the ever smoochable Alison Ruane of London Town.
She’s going to be telling us all about the wonder that is…

So what are you reviewing for us today?
MAC High Tea (lustre finish)

Tell us about its fabulousness…
My current (and enduring) fave is MAC’s Lustre in High Tea. As with all MAC’s, it comes in a pleasing bullet shaped case, tastes deliciously cocoa-ish and works both for the office and after hours, particularly if you’re going heavy on the smokey eyes. I love MAC lipsticks and am coveting the ever popular Russian Red, but the man in the Brixton concession told me it is sold out everywhere (and let’s face it, if you can’t get something in Brixton, where CAN you?)

Ms Ruane has been very coy and not given us a kissing review but I intend to force her to test it out on Saturday on the first viable male specimen. All in the name of investigate journalism, mind.


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  1. Lmao @ last paragraph! ^^

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