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So, I had all these grand plans for January features and because I accidentally had a life and a job, they fell by the wayside somewhat. But one of the most important features I wanted to talk to you about was cleansing because, you know, fresh start and all that.

Since I got to the US, I’ve been using Cetaphil face wash and by and large It’s been fine. What hasn’t been fine is my inability to find a half-decent eye-make up remover. Now, I realise I wear more eye make-up than most on a daily basis and between the Urban Decay 24/7 pencil, primer, Bad Gal Waterproof pencil, Mac shadows and either Jemma Kid lash tint (on a yoga day) or Maybelline Colossal mascara, I’m asking a lot of a make up remover but still – I HATE panda eyes. It’s so wrong. So far I’ve tried and seen off removers from Clarins, Bliss, Simple and various other drugstore brands that have failed miserably but at last, I think I’ve found a winner. Which also helps you understand why I started here with the Cetaphil reference that is seemingly unrelated in anyway… Seriously, people pay me to write and I don’t even make sense to myself…

Sorry. So, I’m visiting London this weekend and TWO of my friends asked me to bring back Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple cleanser. Now, I’ve never used it. Lame, I know. I HEART Philosophy’s body products, the Kiss Me gloss and all their seasonal goodies but their face products never worked for me. I know lots of girls who swear by Hope is Important and look amazing but it made me break out. We just weren’t meant to be. But inspired by the purchase request of two ladies with amazing skin, I picked up a bottle of the cleanser and, at the same time, the Just Release Me eye make-up remover. In the bottle, it reminded me a little of the Boots Botanics product I loved for many, many years but obvies was more expensive. Prettier though. I’ll never be rich.

Anyway, I’m pleased to report that the Purity left my skin soft and clean and lovely, so I was happy about that but FUCK ME (sorry for the swearing but it’s necessary) the Just Release Me eye make-up remover is AMAZING. It took off EVERYTHING with just a couple of swipes. I thought it had removed my eyelashes at one point, I can’t remember the last time my lashes were so bare. And yet, it’s super gentle. Definitely witchcraft.

I will be rebuying this bad boy and I suggest you do the same.http://0

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