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myface.cosmetics/MyCrush on Jennifer Aniston


myface.cosmetics/MyCrush on Jennifer Aniston

I just want to take a moment out of The Great Kiss Off 2010 to a) rest my smackers and b) declare my allegiance to Team Aniston. No, really, how HOT has this woman been looking lately? It’s insane. Really, I’m straight as a die but if I was going to go sappho on a lady, can you think of anyone better?

Happily, the good people at MyFace cosmetics have put together a foolproof guide on how to get her easy Californian glow without, you know, having to go to California.

1. A really good foundation should feel like you’re not wearing any, the results should be a ‘just stepped out of the spa’ glow that enhances the skin instead of masking it. myface.cosmetics have created a lightweight waterbased foundation that gives a totally flawless finish with just the right amount of coverage that still allows skin to really glow.

2. Lightly smooth myface.cosmetics mymix foundation (£12.99) on to the face using finger tips, as the heat from hands will gently warm up the foundation so it literally glides over the skin to achieve a beautifully dewy finish that does not sit in any fine lines or pores. It is an incredible anti-ageing base as it gives a gorgeous youthful radiant finish.

3. Remember to always use a concealer that is the same shade as your foundation to cover any blemishes, age spots and pigmentation.. myface.cosmetics mycover concealers(£9.99) are perfectly in sync with the corresponding foundation bases to create a seamless finish.

4. Always apply concealer with a finger tips and a light touch under the eyes, and right up to the lash-line to banish tired eyes. Don’t forget to conceal around the nose to remove redness– this will literally knock years off your skin. You can also use the myface concealer to mask any darker areas that can look ageing next to the eyes by the temples by applying in a C shape and blending upwards.

5. Finally sweep a tiny amount of powder, like myface.cosmetics mymatch powder (£9.99), over the forehead, nose and chin. It is so finely milled that is goives an instant airbrushed effect without losing that gorgeous natural looking glow.

More importantly than any of this for me, is that myface actually does a a high street foundation that is the right shade for my skin. Amazeballs. And if you buy any myface foundation from Boots before the 25th February, you actually get the matching concealer for FREEBIES! How good is that?http://0

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