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MAC Speak Louder: The Great Kiss Off 2010


MAC Speak Louder: The Great Kiss Off 2010

Surprisingly, despite Valentine’s having been and gone in a flurry of gifts, flowers and singing telegrams, (and not at all brunch with the girls and then drinks with the gays) I just can’t seem to give up on the Great Kiss Off. Too many awesome lippies out there and far too much kissing to be done. so, here goes…

So am I you reviewing for us today?
MAC Cremesheen in Speak Louder

Tell us about its fabulousness…
It’s a bright, clean, blue pink colour and I loves it. As with all MAC Cremesheen colours, it goes on with impact and the colour is super vibrant although definitely wearable for daytime for the more colour confident ladies out there. There is no bleeding, flaking or straying, it’s just all round good times.

And how does it handle itself in the smooching stakes?
Well, it definitely announces itself as worthy of any chap’s attention but, as with all strong colours, it does tend to smudge a little once you get down to it. And there is some transfer worry also. My suggestion is to layer up for an evening with the girls and smudge into a stain if you’re planning on getting hot and heavy. That way, you get the pretty colour without leaving tell tale collar stains. Which, quite frankly, are a bitch to get out and you don’t want to be stuck with his dry cleaning bill, do you?


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