Wild Organics Calming Cornflower Collection

My life has been faintly mental lately and quite frankly, shows no sign of calming down any time soon. So it’s either, forcibly calm myself or lose what grip I have left on my tiny mind. Turns out you can’t always shop/drink/watch Lost to lower your blood pressure and hope to live, so I was very happy when my friend gave me a bunch of this Wild Organics stuff last time I was in London.

You all know I heart lavender almost as much as your great aunt Ethel and lavender essence is one of the main ingredients in this blend of goodness, which might explain why I swooned immediately upon inhaling the body butter. There’s geranium, vitamin E and obvs, some cornflower in there – all totes refreshing, soothing and generally fantastic for your skin. If you’ve got the time and inclincation, I reccomend kicking back in the bath, using the body wash as bubble bath (perhaps while reading the fabulous I Heart Hollywood, OUT NOW) and then smothering yourself in the body butter before heading off to dreamland.

As well as feeling soft and smooth and super relaxed, you can also feel pretty good about yourself because they’re certified by EcoCert and 10% of all profits go to the Freedom from Fistula Foundation helping save the lives of thousands of African mothers. Mmm, a lovely inflated sense of self-esteem as well as general well-being.

Oh, and there’s a great skin polish too but that’s more of a late night shower option than a bath treat. Not that I have access to a bath in NYC.

Which might explain my high levels of insanity…

The prods are available from http://www.wildorganicsbeauty.com/ and QVC.
God, I do miss me some QVC…



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  1. Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog…


  2. I just started reading I heart New York! Loving it so far 🙂


  3. Lindsay! Yay! My comment is: Have you seen "A Long Engagement"? It is so lovely and the love interest is a young soldier whose nickname is Cornflower. When I saw your post it reminded me of that move. Big sigh. And of course I wonder what a cornflower really smell likes!


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