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Lee Stafford Fake My Tan


Lee Stafford Fake My Tan

As I may or may not have posted a THOUSAND EFFING TIMES, I am a somewhat pale individual who does not have a lot of luck with the sun or its faux-tanning replacements.

Well, hallelujah and praise baby jebus, because I have in my sweaty paws, Lee Stafford’s new Fake My Tan line. Firstly, we’ll address the fact that a hairdresser (albeit one of the most awesome ones ever) is putting out a tanning line. Well, it turns out ladies, Lee is a giver. The lovely Mr Stafford, he himself not afraid of a little fake tan, wanted us to look awesome from head to toe so he took it upon himself to create this really rather superb line of wash off tanners, along with his good friend and tanner-to-the-stars, James Harknett. Who is also awesome.

The line really is pretty comprehensive, with something for everyone – a lotion (with or without sparkly bits, whee!), a tanning mousse and a spritz, which, as recommended by James, I’ve taken to spritzing over my make up in the middle of the afternoon just to perk me up a bit. And it totally works. Most importantly for me, there’s a light and a dark variant in each product, making your colour selection easy-peasy. And since the product is temporary, a good scrub down in the shower will see it all come off anyway, so any mistakes are easily remedied. That said, it doesn’t transfer easily so unless you’re wearing white (in which case I’d probably recommend that you avoid any tanning products anyway) you can head on out rest assured that your tan is there to stay.

If that wasn’t enough recommendation for you how about this:
– The line is exclusive to Boots and prices start at 8.99
– All the products have Lee’s signature Pink fragrance and so you won’t smell like off biscuits when you go out. In fact, you will smell divine
– The different formulas include different skin-saving ingredients like Maca, Raspberry and Mallow to leave your skin soft and touchable, not dry and itchy like the self-tans that develop over time
– Because the formulas are instant, you can see the colour you’re getting right away and they also dry ridiculously quickly so there’s no wandering around nekkid waiting for it to dry. Shut up, we’ve alllllllllllll done it.

Anyway, I’m taking my Magic Potion Tanning Lotion with added Bling to VEGAS this weekend to see what we can find. If I don’t come back married to an eighty year old oil baron, I’ll be wanting words with Mr Stafford…


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