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Elemis ‘Best British Brand’


Elemis ‘Best British Brand’

Just a quick one today but at least it’s beauty related…

One of my all-time favourite brands, Elemis was named ‘Best British Brand’ at the CEW Beauty Awards in London last week and I’m so pleased. Really, I’ve never had a product from Elemis that I’ve been disappointed in, their spa treatments are heavenly and really, I’ve only ever dealt with the nicest people there.

My love of their Pro-Collagen Marine cream is well documented, I know, but there’s so much more. The Skin Buff exfoliator, Tri-Enzyme cleanser and mask, the Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift mask, Skin Bliss capsules. Papaya Enzyme Peel and probably my favouritest bath product EVS, the Frangipani & Monoi Moisture Melt, ooh and the bath & shower cream in the same fragrance actually. This is one of my absolute favourite post-bath treats. Honestly, there’s something so incredibly luxurious about the whole ritual of using the product. It’s pretty much as clsoe as I get to a religion. Other people pray, I lay in a hot bath for an hour and then slather myself in fragranced oils. Then, more often than not, put on massive pjs and attempt to write a book but still, for at least five minutes, I feel like a goddess.

Oh sweet Jebus, now I’m jonesing for a bath. Stupid New York* and it’s stupid lack of a tub… sulk, moan, grump…
And uh, yeah, where was I? Oh yeah, congratulations Elemis!

*only kidding NYC, I love you.


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