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Creme de la Mer treatments


Creme de la Mer treatments

Ok, so can you please tell me why you’re sat here reading this* when you could be enjoying one of the new complimentary (fancy talk for free) treatments at your closest Creme de la Mer counter?

Seriously, those super lovely folks with the super lovely stuff (and my favourite all time ever lip balm) are offering twenty minute introductions to the Creme de la Mer range – choose from Discover the Moisture Collection, The Essentials Treatment, The Skincare Consultation, The Eye Treatment (my roommate swears by their eye cream), The Luxury Hand and Arm Treatment and The Skincolour Consultation.

I’d be all over the Eye Treatment and the Skincolour Consultation as I’m a huge fan of the La Mer tinted moisturiser and my eyes have been subjected to a significant amount of burning the candle at both ends activities of late. Check out for your nearest counter and book an appointment.

*Double smartarse points to you if you’re reading this on a mobile device on the way to a Creme de la Mer counter. Slow. Clap.http://0

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