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Jouer Cosmetics for Mother’s Day – Competition results!


Jouer Cosmetics for Mother’s Day – Competition results!

Well shucks, how much do you love your mums? It’s enough to bring a tear to my eye… easily done given my allergies to be fair.


The first person to email, was Ms Erin Stein, pictured above (presumably some time ago, otherwise your command of English is amazeballs for a nipper) and Erin says…

‘My mum is the best because she taught me everything there is to know about bargain shopping. ‘Dress your best for less’ is her motto!

Also, she is an absolute beauty maven… you can ask her for some advice on skin care and beauty products and she will send you a four-page email listing all the various formulations that would work best for you. She has tried it all!

She also has a lot of skin sensitivies and is up on all the details of which companies have (or don’t have) which ingredients. She’s a true guru!’

Maybe your mum should have a guest column on here?
Jouer goodies on their way to you soon.

Don’t forget that the rest of you can enjoy Mothers’ Day treats at Henri Bendel today through Sunday. Yay for mums!


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