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Royal Day Spa – Tunbridge Wells


Royal Day Spa – Tunbridge Wells

Dearest Readers,

I have had what are commonly known in the business, as a properly shitty couple of days. All I can think about is booking a massage and maybe a blow out and pretending none of it is happening. Sadly, this is apparently not possible because I have to Go to Work. Arses.

Anyway, I should explain that my daydreams were set off by an email from a London buddy, raving about this spa in Tunbridge Wells*, the Royal Day Spa. Now, a spa’s a spa, right? Well, maybe not. Having spent ten minutes this morning on the phone with a very rude lady from a certain international chain trying to book a facial with a gift card I was given at said brand’s recent beauty blogger event, I’m not even looking forward to the appointment anymore. The Royal Day Spa however, has become the spa of my fantasies.

All the treatments (which sound divine – check them out online) are complemented by reiki, treatments take place on Tempur mattresses in rooms lit by lanterns, infused with essential oils. I am currently sat in a whirly chair, in a room lit by fluorescents and infused with the scent of tuna baguettes from across the hall. The Royal Day Spa is forty minutes out of London by train. I am forty minutes away from the bloody deli across the street because we only have one elevator working.

It is now my life’s goal to visit the Royal Day Spa.
If you make it before me, will you please tell me how heavenly it is? And you know, book me in?

*I went to Tunbridge Wells once before to see Easyworld (dearly departed indie rock trio of my uni days joy) in a venue that used to be a public toilet. True fact.http://0

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  1. I live near Tunbridge Wells and the day spa is truely gorgeous. As for the Forum… well yes it was once a public toilet but has been recognised now for its indie bands.

  2. The Royal Day Spa is my little cocoon of tranquility when all seem to much or I just need a little spruce. Having pimped myself round a few I have to say i have not found another treatment like thier Royal Body massage. It's fair to say I could not wal or talk after nearly two hours of lovely rubbing!

  3. I took my partner to Royal Day Spa a short time ago. We live in North London and the journey was completely worthwhile. I can't remember feeling as relaxed as I did after a the massage and swim in the salt water pool. Truly a pleasure. The stress of life in London was soon put into perspective and forgotten. Definitely takes the spa to the next level. The picnic lunch is deliscious too.

  4. 愛情不是慈善事業,不能隨便施捨。...............................................................

  5. It's been on a downward spiral for a while now, so this news isn't surprising. It's a real shame, because when I first joined I thoroughly enjoyed it there. I go to McQueen Hair & Beauty now, it's by far the best salon in the area in my opinion. The girls in there are great. If you've never been you can get a free £20 voucher just for liking their facebook page.

  6. Watch out this spa has apparently gone bust and all us donkeys that bought prepaid "bargain" vouchers are up the creek with no paddle.See Trip Advisor for some really down to earth comments about this place.Suggest you think again !!!

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