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Avon Glazewear Lip Gloss

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Avon Glazewear Lip Gloss

After a quick look, my handbag currently holds a wallet, two phones, my Kindle, an iPod, seventeen receipts, three half-empty packets of chewing gum, perfume and shockingly, right now, only one lip gloss. I know you won’t believe me but it’s true and my camera’s broken so you’re just going to have to suck it up and trust me.
Lately, given my black mood, I’ve been doing a lot of black eyeliner with MAC’s Retrospeck eyeshadow over the top to soften the smokey black smudges so all I can add to the overall look is a punch of pink blush, lashings of mascara and a neutral lip. My chosen gloss? Avon Glazewear. Now, I know we’ve had this conversation about Avon before and I won’t preach to you again but listen! It’s not lame and made for your mum, it’s really, really good. Take a look at and check it out. It’s not tacky, it lasts and it doesn’t taste like ass. What more could you want? Well, if you’re in the US right now, you can pick up a Glazewear gloss for $1.99 right now which is amazeballs. And since Avon sells the equivalent of eight of these glosses every minute, they must have something going for them, right? I mean, it’s not just me, it’s looooooooads of people.

I love the Clear shade as it has an SPF 15 in it but really, they’re all lovely. I loaned my roommate one of the berry shades a couple of nights ago and she couldn’t rave about it enough – apparently, everyone had complimented her on it over dinner but did she actually tell them it was Avon? No. Honestly… but do you know what? Fine, let Avon’s awesomeness be our secret but make sure you try it out.

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