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Clarins Skin Spa

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Clarins Skin Spa

For the want of being in another country to visit the Royal Day Spa in Tunbridge Wells (which is according to all of you, amazeballs – thanks for making me feel worse), I popped along to the Clarins Skin Spa on Madison Avenue on Saturday. Because I CAN, because I LIVE IN NEW YORK. Sorry, didn’t mean to shout.

To cut a long story short, the lovely facialist, Vivian, recommended the Radiance facial as my skin needed hydration then went on to explain that Clarins don’t use any mechanical implements in their facials or extractions, just lymphatic massage and highly concentrated formulas of their regular products. Since I’ve been semi-obsessed with Clarins products for the last couple of months and I hate extractions (too harsh on my sensitive, lily-white skin) this made me super happy.

We went through what products I was using and Vivian was super happy with my choices – this was the first time a facialist hasn’t tried to hawk me anything. Shocker – and then we started on the facial. It was amazing. I’d say it was bliss but then it would sound like I was taking the piss (I liked it better than Bliss anyway). I came away an hour later with smooth, evenly-toned skin and didn’t even bother with foundation to hit my friend’s birthday picnic. Madness. I’ve kept up the good work with the Multi-Active Skin Renewal serum, Multi-Active Day lotion and the Eye Contour balm. Aside from a red and blotchy run in with a particularly allergen-happy cat on Sunday, my skin has been looking great all week.

So well done Clarins for pulling a fab facial out of the bag after I got all pissy with the woman on the phone the other day. Well, there was mutual pissiness but we’re fine now. I’ll be back.http://0

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