In which I apologise for being crap again

Lord, I have so many awesome things to tell you about – L’Oreal’s Go 360 Clean and their 24 hour Lash Boosting System (both awesome), an update on my Clarins foundation (also The Shit), how badly I need new shampoo and conditioner recommendations, the importance of smotherinf yourself in high SPF now the sun has sort of come out to play, all the fragrances I’ve been testing for ‘Fragrance Week’, my renewed love for Origins A Perfect World moisturizer…

And that’s without me getting all overexcited about next week’s Melissa Nathan Awards (I Heart New York is nominated!) all my boy nonsense, I Heart Paris’ impending release date and my weekend away in The Hamptons, which is all I’ve been doing with the people I know in real life (possibly why they’re not talking to me).
It’s all a bit much.
I think I might go and have a bit of a sit down and update you tomorrow.
Sound fair? I promise to keep all my smug shit to myself. Or at least try to.http://0


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  1. Hey, so maybe this isn't totally about your post here (even though I love the way you write ☺) but i just finished reading I Heart New York. For the SECOND TIME. I can't get enough of your stories. Soon I'm going to buy the next books, to read more about the Adventures of Angela. Congratulations on being a successful writer, and as a blog writer myself,(my blog isn't successful yet, haha), I look up to you!


  2. hiii so cool blogg i love it!!! follow me backat love your books)


  3. 真是太猛了,請受小弟一拜Orz(>O<)..................................................


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