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The Sanctuary Day Spa

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The Sanctuary Day Spa

Sometimes, just sometimes, being in New York is shit.

No, really, let me explain. Sometimes, it’s 101 degrees outside and by sitting here, sweltering in air conditioning, I’m missing events like The Sanctuary’s first ever blogger event, held in their Covent Garden Day Spa last week. OK, you’re with me now, right? Anyway, since I didn’t want you to miss out, I sent along my BeautyBuddy, Ms Keren, to hear what The Sanctuary had to tell us and sob, to get a free bloody facial.

Live! From London! It’s Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeren!

Well, what with BeautyLover being in New York these days (lucky thing) she needed a girl on the ground in London last week to keep her UK readers happy! I was extremely excited to step into her shoes, unfortunately not literally – as I don’t think she would let me anywhere near her Louboutins (note from BL – I wouldn’t).

So anyway, onto business, my very first assignment was to pop over to The Sanctuary for their very first ever bloggers event. And thankfully I work just around the corner, so didn’t have to turn up all shiny/glowing from the tube. They had not two, but three gems to impart…

News Flash One!
After years of pampering lucky London ladies The Sanctuary is coming to the rescue of ladies in need of relaxation and luxury around the UK.They are opening in Bristol, Richmond and Cambridge, OK so they haven’t quite moved up North yet, but it’s a start.

News Flash Two!
You don’t have to have big money to treat yourself to their facials anymore, you can now do a Sanctuary DIY facial for the bargainous price of £16! There are two different ‘facials in a box’ which match the facials at the spa…The Brightening Facial and The Youth Boosting Facial

And finally News Flash Three!
They now also have a skin spa which is accessed separately from the day spa, so you just walk-in. They do everything from Microdermabrasion to Chemical Peels and the usual eye-brow shapes and facials. They will be adding more to the list of treatments, some of the more extreme ones to be administered by a qualified doctor (why oh why am I foolishly imagining an early ER George Clooney?).

And if that wasn’t enough I got to try their skin brightening facial… Alice the therapist carefully decided which of the facials would suit my skin type best and then I drifted off into bliss for the next 50 minutes while she applied all kinds of delicious smelling products and my fave part the cold stones. I really don’t know why having icy cold pebbles rolled on my face was so amazing, but it just was, take my word for it. My skin did look brighter the next day, but part of me wonders whether it was just because I was so relaxed when I got home, I fell into the deepest sleep ever!

Thank you BeautyLover!

We’re not jealous of Keren, are we?
No. Not at all. Not one little teeny tiny bit.

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  1. Hiiiii (: I've just bought your book (I heart NY) and I'm already reading it! Seems to be awesome so far!First of all, I gotta say I loved the title, cuz I love NY, though I've never been to there. I do really heart NYC! And second: the cover is wonderful, it really caught my attention. I bought your book because of its title and cover lolCongratulations (:xoxo

  2. 人有兩眼一舌,是為了觀察倍於說話的緣故。............................................................

  3. Boooh why nothing up north, well if the fab sounding beauty therapist will not come to Glasgow, I will have to go to them!!! Sounds amazing, I want microdermabrasion!!

  4. 這麼好的部落格,以後看不到怎麼辦啊!!..................................................................

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