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Radox Shower Smoothies

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Radox Shower Smoothies

Now I know I’m usually waxing lyrical about a mascara or a lipgloss or some wonder cream or (please please please please let this happen again soon) some spa but today I have one of life’s simpler pleasures for you. Radox Shower Smoothies.

We used to have the green Radox bubble bath when I was little and even now when I’m in a really shitty mood, there’s no point in reaching for the pricey shiz (there is of course a time and a place for this), all I want is Radox. Given that my mind has been All Over The Place lately – traveling, boy nonsense, book joy, work stress, friend dramarama – I needed something to bring my back and combined with the general DISGUSTING weather London put on especially for my visit this weekend, deep, relaxing baths weren’t really an option so PRAISE BE for the new Radox Shower Smoothies.

Jetlagged out of my mind, sweaty, sticky and generally gross, I reached for the Energy Therapy variant with ginseng and lemongrass and lathered up. Sweet jebus, it was lovely. I could have stood under that shower all day long (instead of for the twenty minutes I did stand there for while my best friend stood outside the door dying for a wee. Serves him right for being a boy). The consistency really is smoothie-like, not really a cream, not really a gel just. lovely and I made a special trip to Superdrug to go and sniff all the others – the coconut one is delish too.

I just hope I can get them back here in the states because man alive, it’s 102 degrees already and I’m meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelting.


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  1. 一時的錯誤不算什麼,錯而不改才是一生中永遠且最大的錯誤............................................................

  2. These shower smoothies sound amazing! I'm definitely going to try them. Thanks for posting your review!

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