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Operation: Glam

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Operation: Glam

So, I’m trying to get caught up with sharing everything I’m using right now because I’m so hopelessly in love with so many products and you need to have them in your life.

As you know, I’m super slutty when it comes to haircare products. There are few things I love and always have around, Lee Stafford Spray Wax, tigi Bedhead After Party and Ojon are the first three that come to mind but just lately, I’ve gone all out insane for Operation: Glam Thickening Elixir.

My hair, if you were to look at it right now, is thick, dark brown and very shiny. My hair, if you were to look at it when I was sixteen was fine, blonde and flat as a pancake (but still pretty shiny). Ever since I forked over my pocket money for Wella’s Liquid Hair in the mid-nineties, I’ve been looking for something that will thicken up my locks. Obviously, the best solution is a great cut, which, thanks to Simon at Bloww in London, I currently have. However, products are a must and I CANNOT emphasise enough how much I love this thickening lotion*.

It’s a clear serum type formula, non-sticky and it pumps up every single strand without leaving a tangled mess. It leaves your hair perfectly soft and touchable while still boosting the volume and it’s still good the next day if, like me, you’re way too lazy to wash it.

Hat’s off to Lulu on this one, (no really, that Lulu) because it’s amazing.
My mum loves the Time Bomb range as well which is nice. I’m glad Lulu is keeping busy although if I were her, I’d pretty much just be wandering around a park, barefoot in a binbag singing ‘Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, you know you make me wanna shout’ for shits and giggles.

*Have to confess, my friends did laugh at the packaging when I brought this on a weekend away. Pink and black zebra print? Really? But as we all know, it’s what’s inside that counts.**

**It’s not at all. I’m totally shallow.http://0

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