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What I’m Wearing Now

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What I’m Wearing Now

For the want of ploughing through press releases and samples and everything else that I should be doing, I figured I’d just whack out a post about the products I’m using right now because quite frankly, it’s been aaaaaaaaages.

This is a pic from a couple of Saturday nights ago and for some reason, despite being applied inside ten minutes flat, my make up looked exactly right i.e. I was wearing a shit ton of slap but it really didn’t look like I was.

So, starting with a base of Beauty Flash Balm (I’d been traveling and looked a wee bit sallow) and Origins GinZing eye cream, I started with my beloved Clarins Everlasting Foundation in Ivory, Touche Eclat in 1 under the eyes and BeneFit It Stick wherever it was needed. On top of that went a light brushing of Nars Orgasm all over my cheeks to perk up my complexion (normal people might use bronzer, I’m not normal. I’m paler than death) followed by a pop of MAC’s (discontinued, sob) Hello Kitty blue-pink blush on the apples of the cheeks. To blend it altogether, I used MAC Strobe Cream on my cheekbones and set my T-zone with L’Oreal True Match pressed powder which I LOVE.

On to the eyes, I lined with Urban Decay 24/7 pencils in Bourbon and Underground then defined the inside lids with Bad Gal Waterproof. Blend the whole lot down with MAC Retrospeck and then tease out the smokiness with Club. Love MAC eyeshadows. LOVE. Several thousand coats of L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara and a slick of Dior Lip Glow and I was good to go.

Sadly, I don’t know what Emma was rocking but I’d go out on a limb and say those well-lined eyes are courtesy of MAC.

Seriously, ten minutes.
I’m too well practiced, aren’t I?


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  1. You and your friend look lovely and natural =D. And wow.. 10 minutes xD. I couldn't do that =P. I love taking my time to apply make up xD.

  2. Ha, I was being rushed by an ungrateful boy who does not realise how long it takes to look this awesome.

  3. I've re-discovered my love of urban decay 24/7 pencils (namely 'Zero' and 'Lust') just in time to find out my nearest outlet of yummy goodness is GONE *wail*

  4. You and your dress both are looking very beautiful. Hence whatever you wear doesn’t matter more. And your eyes are looking awesome.

  5. 鞋匠能作好鞋子,因為他只做鞋,不做別的。..................................................

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