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The lovely Keren has been out and about, slaving away as our roving reporter in London town. She is SUCH a giver, isn’t she?

When Fiona Brackenbury (Head of Training at Decleor and QVC presenter) was asked by QVC to create an exclusive product with the DECLÉOR laboratories team she made it her two year mission to create a miracle cleanser.
Why a cleanser? Because, apparently this is where most women make beauty crimes. We all spend fortunes on moisturiser but when it comes to cleanser we’re using either the wrong product or using them incorrectly. Some need to be used with a toner to be effective, some are too harsh – containing too much alcohol that can be damaging to the skin. I use whichever face wash is on offer in Boots that week! They tend to be either of the anti-shine variety or black-head removing… So exfoliating. You should have seen the look of horror on Fiona’s face, this is a major crime, I am causing my skin to produce more oil and then more prone to black-heads. Yes, I am a novice. And yes, at 33 some lessons need to be learned.

Fiona wanted a product that would gently remove daily grime and make-up but also contain skin-caring ingredients and be quick and easy too.

So what makes it so special…

HYDRA-RADIANCE SMOOTHING CLEANSING MOUSSE provides three key actions in one to leave the skin rejuvenated and deeply cleansed:

Deep cleansing

When it comes into contact with water the rich, concentrated cream quickly lathers to a gorgeous mousse-like texture, creating tiny bubbles to swiftly deep cleanse and soften the skin leaving it clean and velvety soft. The inclusion of two cotton cloths with each pump dispenser also provides a further delicate exfoliating action and helps to ensure skin is left free of residue post-cleanse.

Skin Polishing and Perfecting

Grapefruit, Papaya extract and Japanese White Mulberry exfoliate and gently slough away dull dead skin cells to leave the skin crystal clear with visible clarity and luminosity after just one use.

Moisturising and Plumping

With nourishing Neroli essential oil – also known for it’s decongesting and calming properties – and Hyaluronic acid, a potent protein that occurs naturally in the skin and can hold up to 1000 times it’s own weight in moisture, immediate results on the skin are outstanding. The skin has renewed plumpness due to the injection and retention of moisture, which gives it an extreme feeling of firmness, while wrinkles appear reduced and skin feels intensely soft and balanced too.

Right, I am going to use this twice daily for the next few weeks to see what results I get. So I won’t be using a toner whilst I’m testing it and I am quite addicted to the fresh, squeaky clean feeling of toner. And it has very gentle exfoliating properties so I can give my skin a rest from my criminal face washes and try to just to do a ‘proper’ exfoliation once a week.

Why am I keen to try this out, and so determined to follow Fiona’s advice? Well, it’s difficult not to believe in Fiona because her skin is perfectly smooth and glowing… Either she practices what she preaches or she’s made a pact with the devil.

I’ll let you know how it works for me…

DECLÉOR’s EXCLUSIVE LAUNCH of the NEW HYDRA-RADIANCE SMOOTHING CLEANSING MOUSSE is on QVC tonight at midnight and is already available on the website. It goes worldwide from May 2011.

Given that the standard joke between me and my friends is that Keren has a Dorian Gray-esque pact with the devil herself, I am intrigued to see what the results of this cleaner will be. If it makes her even prettier, a) Decleor will have won a lifelong fan and b) I will not be able to spend any time with her ever again.

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  1. I was lucky enough to win a sample of this and used for the first time last night and this morning. When my mum picked me up from work the first things she said to me is your skin is glowing it is so clear it looks like you had just washed it. That is after two washes with it.I did however use a toner alongside it.Cannot recommomend his enough

  2. Lovely lovely Lady Lindsey, when are you going to give us an 'I heart Beauty Mecca' facebook page? Please? Pretty please?

  3. Ask and ye shall receive… I'll put a page up today but you have to promise you'll use it, OK?

  4. Hurrah! Thank you! X

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