For approximately two years and five months, I’ve been telling everyone who would listen, that I was going to set  up a website. As you can probably work out from that time frame, I’m not terribly good with follow through. Grand plans and schemes, yes, actually getting around to making things happen, not so much. Unless those things are a) easy or b) involve dinner.
But anyway, here it is! It’s a website! It’s not a very slick one because I made it myself but it’s not horrible right? And you’ll tell me if anyone hacks it and fills it with porn? (I’m going to try to avoid doing that myself, thankfully I don’t have an iPhone so there will be no/very few drunken posts…)

Anyway, I have to go and get a drink with my friend because it’s Monday, I made a website today and she hooked up with an undesirable over the weekend and I need the gossip to live.
Hope you like it… the website, not hooking up with undesirables.
Who doesn’t like that?
I’m going away now.http://0

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  1. Hi,

    I have read all 3 of your books and although I tried to read them as slowly as I could to avoid finishing them it didnt work their finishes.

    When will you be writing more books? Pls pls pls I do think your books are great and being a working/middle class female from East London that lives for New York (I visit every year!) and does tend to get a bit sick of too much S.A.T.C – your books are just perfect.



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