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I Heart New York US edition


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  1. Shezza says:

    LOVE this book cover, in fact I think it’s my favourite! I think it deserves to be made into a print! In fact, I’d like to see it printed onto a cool magazine/book bag! X

  2. Katie! says:

    I am in actual love with you.
    Weird? Yes, but, I don’t care, you brought this on yourself!
    Please make my night and tell me there is another wonderfully written book on the way from you? Please : )
    P.s Good luck with the US launch, not that you’ll need it, they will LOVE it!

  3. kimberley says:

    really cute. it kinda might impact my imaginations idea of what Angela looks like, but its still good

  4. Love it! love all your books! your are so good at writing!!

  5. love this cover- will they bring it out in the UK?>?

  6. No plans to put this cover out anywhere but in the US of A right now.
    It’s so weird, the model in the picture actually contacted me! It’s a small world, right?

  7. One day, I stopped by the bookstore and found the book I Heart New York, I am kind of interested in the book cover and went through the book, I really want to buy one, unluckily I don’t have much money to buy hic, because I am just a student, can you just less the book price a little bit, especially in Asia 😀 I found almost the book from Europe or US such expensive, that’s why I have to read it through and understanding very fast although I want it back home and read it carefully in my chair and have a hot chocolate (it is a novel :D)
    One more thing, I want to tell about the model on book cover, why does her face so…sad (I can’t see her expression nothing, is like sleepping)
    Have a good day!

  8. Emss says:

    Aah, this isn’t how I imagined Angela to look like at all!

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