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BeautyMecca on Facebook

So one of you love people suggested creating a BeautyMecca page on Facebook and you know what, that was a REALLY good idea. As much as I love writing about products and all that gubbins, I never really get to hear about the stuff that you love so as of right now, you can click here and go to the new BeautyMecca page on Facebook.

There’s sod all there right now so pleeeeeeeeease take a minute to tell me about your favourite products. I really want to know what other people are using and loving.

OK, back to the grind…http://0

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  1. sandee says:

    God bless Elemis they have the most closest thing to a miracle on earth and wait for it…….its called the ‘Elemis S.O.S Emergency Cream’ complete heaven!!!!
    I travel abroad near enough every weekend so I practically live out of a little hard shell trolley (not as glam as it sounds trust me?!) therefore from all the flying, pollution, different times and stupid stupid 100ml rule in airports my skin suffers 🙁
    So if you pop this on during the night about an hour before you get into bed (if you have company as you will not want to be smearing this £48 per bottle baby over your bed linens for anyone!) and wash in the morning as norm and you will be glowing (from the cream defo even if the company is not up to scratch).
    So invest ladies it is God sent!!!! And no before you all think it I do NOT work for Elemis I am being genuine!

  2. Wow! I feel useful AND clever!

  3. Hey! I just wanted to let you know you've inspired me to make a blog too! I was hoping if you had the chance you could maybe take a wee gander at it! 🙂 would mean alot!Thanks alot 🙂 x

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