Writing music

Writing, writing, writing whilst pretending it’s still 1997 and I’m still 16 and it’s all still going to be OK:

Sleeper: Inbetweener

Echobelly: Great Things

Kenickie: Nightlife

I still want to wake up and discover that I am Marie DuSantiago.
Hasn’t happened yet.http://0


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  1. Hearing ‘Nightlife’ again brings back some memories, mostly of Rimmel’s ‘Black Cherry’ lipstick and glittery eyeliner


  2. I’d like to have a little chat with whoever said ‘it will all be ok’.


  3. Love all these songs remind me of great times, and feeling that life was pregnant with possibilities!! Oh the optimism of youth, I thought I was waiting for life to start only to find it was probably never more exciting!!! What a dud


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