Laura Mercier: What is Flawless?

Lots of beauty brands are looking at new ways to win fans at the moment, the key seems to be offering more than just a great product but also a way to feel good about yourself as a person*. I loved Bobbi Brown’s Pretty Powerful campaign earlier this year and Laura Mercier’s ‘What is Flawless?’ looks just as great.

The idea behind the campaign is that we all submit our ideas what we consider to be a personal definition of flawless, and for each answer submitted to Laura Mercier website, the company will make a donation to the Gulf Relief Foundation. So not only do you get to challenge the conventional ideals of beauty, you help clean up the wetland preservation in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana (that’s a good thing).

There’s no wrong or right answer, so please take a minute to click on the site and suggest something. For me, flawless would be a good night’s sleep, I’ve had insomnia for days now. A quick canvas of my coworkers suggests a sunny Sunday afternoon, the perfect red lipstick and (hmm) kittens. See? It really can be anything…

*I’m more interested in looking pretty but hey, I’m shallow. Good on these beauty peeps for trying to make me a better individual.http://0


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  1. Hey Lindsey, knowing of your love for Girls Aloud, what do you make of the Nicola Roberts make-up range aimed at those of us with super pale skin?


  2. I think it's a great idea! I watched Nicola develop the original range on the reality show the girls did and I think she's really brave for embracing her paleness. It must be really hard in her line of work.I have enough of a pain with it in every day life, without being constantly judged. Yay Nicola! Yay Dainty Doll!


  3. always wanted to try lola, the bottle is so pretty!x


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