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I Heart Marc Jacobs

Now it won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has read one of my books or, I don’t know, glanced at this blog for more than three seconds, to find out that I am a huge Marc Jacobs fan.

It all started winter 2007. I was in New York for the weekend under the guise of visiting friends and buying a cheapo iPod for the former Mr BeautyLover’s thirtieth birthday (we talked yesterday, he sends you all his love, FYI) when lo and behold, I just so happened to be popping by Bloomingdales when my life changed forever.

There, in the Marc by Marc Jacobs display case was a silver leather bowling bag, its beauty only enhanced by star pattern quilting. It was then that I realised I’d never truly been in love* before. There was a tense moment when my credit card didn’t want to go through but it didn’t matter. It was love at first sight. Nothing was going to keep us apart.

Ever since that day, I’ve never looked back, although if my bank manager asks, that was my first and last MJ bag purchase. An altogether more affordable way to fall in love with my favourite designer, is to indulge in his fragrance line. Which I do. Regularly. It takes a hell of a perfume to tear me away from Coco Mademoiselle but Lola seduced me last autumn and as summer starts to fade away, I’ve been spritzing it more and more often of late. I gave Mummy BeautyLover Daisy, my GBF James and my brother both wear Marc Jacobs for Men and I recently gave my BF, Erin the Pomegranate splash for her birthday. My name is Lindsey and I am a Marc Jacobs-a-holic. Worse. I’m a Marc Jacobs enabler.

And MJ is determined to make it easier for me. This autumn, Daisy is getting a limited edition makeover and becomes an eau de parfum, Daisy Pop Art. Look at the cool bottle! LOOK AT THE COOL BOTTLE! At the same time, my fave Marc scent, Lola, celebrates her first anniversary by reinventing herself as Lola Velvet. Another fab, longer lasting eau de parfum in a gorgeous violet frosted glass bottle. Divoon.

I was super, super lucky and was sent samples from Attention USA but you’ll be able to find these gorgeous additions to the Marc Jacobs fragrance collection at Bloomingdales and other speciality perfume retailers e.g. we’re not just hoarding them all in Noo Yoik, although if you needed a reason to come over, this is a pretty good one, non? If you don’t fancy popping over, you can connect with both scents on Facebook. I’m going to do it. I want to read their status updates.

*to clarify, first time I fell in love never been in love with a bag. We’ll get to my crushing inability to form healthy romantic attachments another time. Or not. Bags are better than boys anyway.


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  1. When I happened across the velvet edition of Lola I managed to upset the staff in the department store by shrieking 'but LOOK at it! IT'S ALL FURRY!' – I was excited ok?

  2. michelle says:

    oh! me too! i’m a coco mademoiselle devotee but will try this out tomorrow in debenhams! the huge pretty flower is sooo attractive!! yum yum. xx

  3. Claudia says:

    O.m.g … I mean how can you not just love everything that this man makes ??? From perfume to clothes to BAGS!!!!!! We could so create a club for us holics but in the mean time all we can do is go spend our money on these devine products and wish the bank [ or in my case my dad ] never finds out… (ups!). P.s: plzzzzz so do write more books o don’t know how I am going to survive winter without one of them … Tons of love Claudia

  4. I sprayed some Lola in Debenhams yesterday, first time ever and I loved it. Have put the Lola card I used in the current book I’m reading (Something called I Heart Hollywood..) seemed just right.

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