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The big day…


The big day…

So today was probably the most important day in my life so far – forget graduation, publication day, moving to NYC, none of it bothered me in the slightest. Not like this. Today was the day I had to start saying ‘I’m a writer’. Mew.

Aside from being incredibly relieved at no longer having to juggle what has more or less been two full-time jobs for the last three years, I’m also really sad. For the last six years I was lucky enough to work in an industry that I was so proud of, it hurt. And after doing a dodgy year spent crying/working for the most morally corrupt PR company in existence, that was quite nice.

I’m sure most of you already know but until yesterday, I was a children’s editor, for five years in the UK then for the past thirteen months in NYC and man alive, I miss it already. Anyone who gets to work in publishing is so lucky. Seriously, imagine you’re me. A born bookworm, obsessed with reading anything and everything you can get your hands on, regardless of its level of inappropriateness (sorry mum) and then, suddenly, you’re twenty-four and surrounded by books, people who love books and you are actually part of the process that gets books made! Amazing.

I can hand on heart say I’m going to miss it so much. It’s not just the thrill of choosing cover finishes or sniffing freshly printed proofs (I’m weird, I know) but  the majority of people who are important in my life, I’ve met through publishing. Book people are good people*. There aren’t many who are in the industry for the glamour and there are even fewer who are in it for the money – mostly because there really isn’t any for 90% of the workforce. Books don’t start and end with the author – a million different people make that book what it is before you get your mitts on it – the editor, the editorial assistant, the copy editor , the proofreader, the production controller, the designer, then the marketers, the sales team, the distribution centre, Anita on reception, Carl in the canteen and another million people on assorted floors, in assorted countries, with assorted accents. They’re in their jobs because they love what they do and they want you to love what they do as well. It’s not a job, it’s a passion.
How could you not miss that?

*dear people I know, yeah, I know but I had to put her in for shits and giggles…http://0

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    hi lindsey!! great books, just wondering when i heart vegas will be out? i went there in may for my honeymoon & reccomend going & writing about how angela & alex get married in a chapel, & decide to shop and stay in vegas forever!!…. would be my dream come true…. !!! love you loads!! xxxxx

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